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Participant Papers from ICD Conferences

Participant Papers

The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy encourages academic research and analysis of issues related to the goals of our individual forums, conferences and the institute as a whole. This may include, for example, studies in the fields of culture, international politics, economics, law, history, philosophy, peace and conflict studies, communication studies, anthropology, musicology, art history, and linguistics.

The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy would therefore like to welcome the participants of our conferences to submit a paper they would like to be considered for delivery at their program. This may be an article written especially for purpose, or an article they have already submitted as an academic essay, or equivalent. We are also able to accept collaborative pieces of work from groups of students.

Participant papers should be submitted to the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy no later than 7 days before the Weeklong Seminar/Conference/Event

To submit a Paper please complete the Application Form in the Left Hand Side:

Participant Papers from Previous Events

Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the African Union
June 2013
Dr. Ibrahim Farah
a lecturer at the University of Nairobi's Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS), Co writer- Jasmine Lam
Crafting Foreign Policy in a Supranational Organization: An Analysis of the European Union and Lessons for the African Union
International Symposium on CD in Africa
July 2012
Ms. Meala Tesfamichael   The Causes of Return to Conflict and The Geopolitical Dynamics in the Horn of Africa: The Eritrean- Ethiopian Border Conflict
Ms. Meala Tesfamichael   Diaspora’s Contribution to the Developmental Process of the Homeland- the Case Study of the Eritrean Community in Switzerland
Ms. Ndey Haddy Jeng Why Has the Westphalia State Failed to Function Effectively in Africa
Penelope Muzanenhamo &
Prof. Franklyn Lisk
The Role of the African as a brand builder- Contribution to Africas Sustainable Development and International Competitiveness
The Power of Africa
May 2012
Anne Lassen Hanan From Crisis to Sustainability: The UCN Approach to doing Business in Africa 
Honita Cowaloosur The Absentee Landlord: African state in Chinese Special Economic Zones in Africa
John Manyitabot Takang International Environmental Norms: Opportunities and Challenges for African Countries
Mina Girgis The Nile Project as a Case Study of Enhancing Strong Interregional Relations Within the Continent
Mohamed El Mongy Africa 2.0. - a Manifesto of African youth
The European African Alliance Conference
January 2012
Avril Mhembere Cultural Diplomacy at a Glance
Bérangère Rouppert The European strategy for the Sahel
Chris Ekene Mbah Politics and the Illusion of Peace: the dynamics and challenges of Security in Africa in 21st century – A Classical Case of Nigeria
Dr. Mengsteab Tesfayohannes African Entrepreneurs should Plan and Aspire Beyond The Fence At The Current Complex Global Business Environment 
Wandile Goozen Kasibe Cultural Alliance: a possible way to deepen political and cultural relations between Europe and Africa
International Symposium on CD in Africa
July 2011
Abba Aishatu Zannah  Cultures of Politics in Africa
Fillemon Wise Immanuel Are Western aids to Africa the solution to the embattled continental economy
Prof.  Joseph C.A. Agbakoba Developing Appropriate  Administrative Instruments for the African Cultural Environment
Dr. Ibrahim Farah, Sylvia Kiamba
and Kesegofetse Mazongo
Major challenges facing Africa in the 21st century: A few provocative remarks 
Dr. Jean de la Croix Nkurayija The Requirements for the African Continent's Development:  Linking Economic growth, Global Interdependence, Peace, Governance and Democratization
Sulaiman A. Osho Uniqueness of African communications In Contemporary world: Case Study of 2011 Egyptian Revolution