Germany Offers Solar Power to Senegal to Promote the Development of a Sustainable Economy


May 08th, 2014
Optimized-Solar Power Senegal.jpg

From May 6th to May 7th the Dutch society Solar Plaza and the Pan African group Nadji.Bi organized a subregional conference about competitive solar solutions for West Africa. This conference was held in Dakar (Senegal) and was the occasion for the German government to announce that Germany would offer to Senegal a solar power station.

This decision falls within the context of the cooperation plan between Senegal and Germany. Indeed, since 2009 the German help for Senegalese development has been focused on the promotion of sustainable economy, renewable energies and energy efficiency.

The goal of the new German-Senegalese energy plan is that all sections of the Senegalese population can have access to solar energy at a reasonable cost. For the moment the rural electricity level in Senegal reaches 25%. With the future central and the new electricity plan, the Senegalese government hopes to up the  rate by 60% in 2016.

As is done in Germany, Senegal wants to promote renewable energies in order to reach independence and security in term of energy production. According to the Senegalese Ministry for Energy, in 2017 the share of renewable energy would be 20%. In comparison, in 2013 in Germany the rate of renewable energies was 23%. The German government hopes that in 2025 the rate of renewable energies will reach 40-45% of the total energy production.