"Music for Moringa Oleifera"

(19:00, ICD House, Wednesday 8th December)

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is pleased to announce…

“Music for Moringa Oleifera”

A lecture and concert promoting the efforts of “Trees for the Future”

(19:00, ICD House, Wednesday 8th December)

Presented by Foundation AMAN-International (FAI) ®
in close association with MFA Kera’s “Black Heritage Orchestra” and “Trees for the Future”

The efforts of “Trees for the Future” have been remarkable. Since 1988, they have helped thousands of communities in Central America, Africa and Asia to improve their environment by planting nearly 65 million trees. These trees remove over one and a half million tons of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere every year. In order to celebrate, support and raise awareness of the efforts of “Trees for the Future”, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is proud to present its upcoming musical event: “Music for Moringa Oleifera” (the Miracle Tree”)


19:00 Keynote Address by the event´s patron His Excellency Mr. Jean Robert Saget, Ambassador of Haiti to the Federal Republic of Germany.

“La Croisière du Coeur (The Cruise of the Heart)” (Presentation)


Speaker: Marie Ginette Amani-Fridrich (FAI Founder and President)

Location: The ICD House of Arts & Culture


“The Power of Music” Benefit Concert for the Miracle Tree (Musical Event)

Performers: MFA Kera and the Black Heritage Orchestra

Location: The ICD House of Arts & Culture (€5 entry fee for non-CDA participants)

Background Information

The Fondation AMAN-International (FAI) is a non-government organisation (NGO), created in 2003 and based in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire). Its purpose is the promotion and support of socially disadvantaged children and unemployed women in developing countries, with a particular focus on countries in Africa, especially in the fields of nutrition, health, education, vocational training and environmental protection. The FAI places a special emphasis on establishing and protecting basic human rights in developing countries in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. As well as this, the FAI supports micro-projects, the construction and maintenance of schools, hospitals or orphanages and their equipping with staff and materials. The FAI believes that through practical training and health education we can improve the quality of life in urban and rural areas. 

 Within the framework of its many aid programmes, the FAI founded the special programme “La Croisière du Coer” (The Cruise of the Heart) with the aim of raising awareness of people as part of “one world” and inspiring them to take action to promote environmental protection, bio-diversity and sustainable development.
The FAI periodically organizes “The Cruise of the Heart“ at different sites in order to communicate its programmes, especially on pressing issues such as the environment, in a convivial atmosphere. The FAI also uses this opportunity to make donations to local people.

The FAI has joined forces with successful Madagascar-born singer MFA Kera. In cooperation with US jazz musician Mike Russel, Kera founded the “Black Heritage Orchestra”. Under the motto “The Power of Music”, the “Black Heritage Orchestra” promotes the protection of trees in developing countries. In the past few years, MFA Kera, known as “The Voice”, has repeatedly appeared as a musical ambassador for the US organisation “Trees for the Future”. Kera, who began her career in Paris as a blues and gospel singer and later came together with Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong und Lionel Hampton, has described her meeting with FAI President Marie Ginette AMANI-FRIDRICH as the start of a “great fascination”. Together, these two women are launching a joint action along with the Berlin-based NGO “Institute for Cultural Diplomacy” (ICD) to promote rainforest protection and to support efforts to plant trees in Africa.

For further information, please contact cdaculturaldiplomacyorg