African Legends Performance 2009

Poetic and musical event taking place at the Amerika Haus Berlin featuring the legend of the African Emperors Sundiata Keita and Soumaoro Kanté and live musical and artistic performances. The evening is sponsored by the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.

On 23rd May, 2009, the Amerika Haus Berlin will host an evening program entitled “African Legends Performance”. The highlight of the evening will be a poetic, musical performance of the story of Sundiata Keita, the shining star and First Emperor of Mali (1210-1260) who is now regarded as the great magician king and hero of the Malinke speaking people of West Africa, and his battle against Soumaoro Kante, the sorcerer king of the thirteenth century. Comparable with the legend of the British King Arthur, the two rival personalities in this myth ensure a story of unique profoundness.  The piece is written and will be performed by the maverick artist Emmanuel Eni, writer and performer of “Black Man in European Kitchen”.

The evening will also feature a diverse range of musical, artistic, and theatrical components under the theme “African Legends”. The artists will include drummer Sir lord Gordon Odometey, a performer with “Bantu” and “The World Music Orchestra” and one of the remaining authentic traditional healing drummers, in addition to musicians Kalidou Diebaté & Samba Bory from the band “Afrocasa” (an African bamboo orchestra). Traditional griots (troubadours) from the Manding will provide the evening’s background music using 32 stringed Kora instruments, and a widely spread African finger piano called the kalimba. Actor, storyteller and intercultural trainer Annette Hartman will also feature in the program. The artistic components will be complemented and followed by an African DJ playing Euro-Afro dance cross-over and dishes of traditional Nigerian and Ghanaian food.

The event will provide an entertaining experience and a unique insight into the key figures in Africa’s most famous legend, as well as generating a better understanding of the Mandinka, who are present in today’s Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Mauritania, Gambia and Ivory Coast. The entrance cost for the event is €5, with tickets for students available at €3.

From 12 midnight onwards the doors will open wide as the ICDs invites the interested members of the general public to an intercultural party in correspondence with Berlin carnival week. Entrance for this party is free.

For press reservations and further information please contact E.N.I Verlag under infoeni-verlagde or through 0172-7071190.

General enquiries about the event and requests for further information should be directed to E.N.I Verlag under infoeni-verlagde or through 01737071190.

E.N.I Verlag
Emmanuel Eni